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Since childhood, she had been in the company of fairies and creatures made of dreams and imagination. Her companions stayed with her until early adulthood. Life and work made her lock all this world. But it was too much to be contained so it started to break through, blending into different novels and books that became her world again.

About the Author
Interview with The Death

What if 'The Death' is not what you imagine? In a world where youngsters are disappearing in a mysterious way, a native girl named Jenny met "The Rider". He is a handsome and strong man who came to save her town. Jenny fell for this savior without knowing that behind that mask lies a true devil. Will she pay the price that comes with becoming his woman even if it means her death?

Or will she try to obtain freedom by binding herself to a new master?


Leo es un genio que junto con su asistente Yousef crean robots basados en óptica cuántica. Firy y Elliot son sombras que están inmersas en una guerra en su mundo. Debido a los inventos de Leo se genera una brecha entre estas dos dimensiones haciendo que tanto las sombras como los humanos se contacten entre sí, sumergiéndolos en una serie de aventuras y una guerra, en las que sus decisiones no sólo les cambiarán las vidas sino que pondrá en riesgo el futuro de la humanidad.

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The Adventures Of
Captain Mof And Friends

Welcome to a pirate pet adventures. The pet seven seas are full of adventures and Captain Mof, a dog pirate and his dog crew will be immersed in tons of adventures trying to make the Pet World safe. For that he will have to fight different villains that goes from the Evil Pidgeon, Dr. Chihuahua, Baron Miauhausen. But will Captain Mof be able to defeat them all?

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